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Nana (Dub) Episode 1 [PATCHED]

Nana is an anime television series based on the manga series by Ai Yazawa. It aired in Japan between April 5, 2006 and March 27, 2007, consisting of 47 episodes. The series was released in North America by Viz Media between September 8, 2009 and April 13, 2010.

Nana (Dub) Episode 1

Quite the opposite actually, the dub feels natural and flows quite well from episode to episode. It is clear as day that the creators of the dub spent a lot of time making sure every line worked and was as true to the original story as possible.

A front-runner for the wildest anime ever, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a surreal show that is beyond goofy in every aspect. Each episode is a disjointed mess of hilarious sight gags and puns that don't have much to do with a central plot.

When it comes to horror anime, tension is the name of the game. Voice actors are key in ensuring characters seem genuinely scared, concerned, or disturbed. The talent behind the dub for the sci-fi horror anime, Parasyte, brings their A-game in every episode. The English dub's actors ensure that the characters have honest emotions in their voices.

Each episode follows a rag-tag gang of bounty hunters making their way through outer space, discovering new things about themselves and each other. There's something in this show for just about anyone to enjoy. 041b061a72

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