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[FSX] FS Global Real Weather 1.7 Build 25 Reloaded 2018 No Survey HOT!

While operating a heavy equipment (OHE) business, you understand the need for practical, proven information, in order to keep your equipment operating. The FS Global Real Weather 3D Weather System is a powerful tool that helps to ensure your equipment is operating at peak performance. The FS Global 3D Weather System is built on our state of the art 3D Automotive technology, that is being deployed on more than 150,000 light and heavy duty vehicles. Every day, OHE equipment operators are on the road, and they rely on weather data to stay on task and optimize their efficiency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

[FSX] FS Global Real Weather 1.7 Build 25 Reloaded 2018 No Survey

I dont know why Microsoft wouldnt start with basic building blocks like this, then later build Blazor on top of that. MVC is a great building block technology because it fits nicely with how the web works. It gets you really close to the GET/REQUEST nature of HTTP while easing the tedious plumbing with things like routing and model binding. Youre still generating traditional HTML, so you can still leverage Javascript and CSS. Blazor is basically, throw away all your experience from the last 15 years and do things completely differently, build skills that wont be transferable anywhere else, and fight our framework to do trivial things you could easily do outside of this confined box.

Been running Blazor project for about 3 months now and I really like the neat features in the component buildup, things like super easy state container management and the easy C# driven DOM manipulation.

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