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Come let us have worship we’re in this together this is a move .we’re not afraid of the gospel they that are hungry and thirsty shall be fill this ministry is here to change life reach and equip all non shall left behind we’re faith In Action Denton’s TX a church in the heart off the city with the city in our hearts. Come and come all .are you ready for a miracle are you ready for a break through. We’re God mouths piece call you to a time off Intimacy and Brokenness and transparency to add it all up it’s all about repentance forgiveness and honesty . Jesus is lord and savior and he’s seated in heavenly places to fir for you and all that want to know him . We’re crying out for freedom here is freedom . We’re a ministry that walk in the Prophetic And deliverance ministry . God as spoken are you read let be ready and also be apart of Jesus is doing in our midst. Not tomorrow!!. Because tomorrow promise to no man, let make hay while the sun shine Jesus is coming soon . We’re warn !!

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